Cat Clicker MLG

Cat Clicker MLG combines 2 aspects of gaming everyone loves: clicker games and MLG. Start clicking the kitty and earn gold that you can use for upgrades. This is the remastered version of Cat Clicker MLG. There are 9 different accessories, 12 different buildings, 12 skills, and 12 upgrades. This game has a 2-layered prestige system, and a prestige shop with a lot of upgrades (in the remastered version added autobuy). Fill mew orbs to increase your income and MLGness! Grow different crops on a farm and sell them for emeralds! Buy cool upgrades in the emerald shop. There is a lot of content and there is an endgame at the 20th ascension. Also, try to get all achievements to get a huge boost to your income. Have fun and some nostalgia in this cat-clicking game.
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